Monday, January 30, 2012

Review: Hana 1.5" Titanium Flat Iron from Misikko

Hi Lovelys!  

Today's post is going to be a review on the Hana 1.5" Titanium Flat Iron that I received from Misikko.  I had never used a Hana flat iron before but had read many positive reviews on them in the past, so I was more then happy when I was contacted by Misikko for a review.

When I received my package from Misikko, I was blown away.  I was only expecting the flat iron alone, but received an entire box full of goodies!  They sent me a gift set! *happy dance* :)

 Here is what came in my package:
  •  Hana 1.5" Titanium Flat Iron
  • Luxe Heat Proof Storage Pouch
  • Heat Proof Silicone Mat
  • Special Edition Tin Case 
  • Hana 2 fl oz Shine Shield Protectant
  • Hair Brush
  • Misikko Hair Towel
  • Hana Eye Mask
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Nail Files
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Elf eyeliner
  • Elf eyeshadow quad

 I didn't take pictures of everything because I wanted to focus on the actual flat iron.


Features of the Hana Titanium Ionic Flat Iron: - from Misikko
    * World's smoothest Titanium plates
    * Tourmaline infused into the heating elements for maximum thermal protection
    * Large Integrated Tourmaline Ceramic Heaters with Full Plate Coverage for the Most Consistent,    Conditioning Far Infrared Heat Possible    PTFC core heater heats up in as fast as 6 seconds
    * Mirror surface prevents scratches unlike other black coated titanium plates
    * 1.5" plates make it easier and faster to straighten & style longer, thicker and unruly hair types
    * Adjustable Temperature Dial - 5 Settings from 140-450 F for All Hair Types
    * Instant Compensation for Heat Loss
    * Beveled Edges mean Easy Curled, Flipped, Spiked or Straight Styles
    * Ergonomic Handle Design with No-Slip Grip
    * Smooth Grooves Keep Hair Strands Separate and Snag-Free
    * Sleek luxury matte finish
    * Tangle-Free Salon Quality Cord Swivels 360; Convenient Hanging Loop
    * Energy Efficient at 38 Watts
    * Independent On/Off Switch
    * Includes Luxe Heat Proof Storage Pouch, Heat Proof Silicone Mat, & Special Edition Tin Case
    * Two Year Warranty

As most of you know, I have naturally wavy/curly hair.  
Here is a before and after picture of my hair:

As you can see from the AFTER hair is silky, shiny and completely straight.  This flat iron ran through my hair so smoothly without any snagging.  It left my hair soft and shiny, NOT dry and dull.  After washing my hair, I applied the Hana Shine Shield to protect it from the heat, give it some shine and eliminate frizz.  I flat ironed my hair in small sections.  I tried it with both dry and damp hair.  It personally worked better for me when my hair was more on the dry side.  When my hair was damp, I had to run the flat iron through each section more then 3 times and added more of the Hana Shine Shield to help eliminate frizz.  When my hair was dry, I ran the flat iron through my hair 2-3 times and didn't need to add more of the Shine Shield.  It took less product and less effort to straighten it dry but either way, I got the same end result (soft, shiny, straight hair). 

This flat iron comes with a manual that gives you 4 styling tips:  Flat Straight, Soft Curls, Flip Out, and Flip In. I like to flip mine out as you can see in the picture.  

  • Runs through hair smoothly without any snagging
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and healthy
  • 1.5" plates makes it easier and faster to straighten thick and long hair
  • On and Off switch
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial - 5 Settings from 140-450 F
  • Long, heavy duty swivel cord
  • Includes Luxe Heat Proof Storage Pouch, Heat Proof Silicone Mat, & Special Edition Tin Case
  • Two year warranty


I have no complaints about functionality of this flat iron.  The only potential con that I could come up with is, the price.  This particular flat iron retails for around $239.99 (sale price - $174.99) at  However, if you really want to invest in a high end, great quality flat iron, then this would be one of them!  I've used multiple flat irons over the years and this one blows all of them out of the water.  I even like it better then my 1" CHI flat iron. 

My overall thoughts:  
I would definitely recommend this Hana 1.5" Titanium Ionic flat iron to my friends and family, therefore, I would also recommend it to my viewers!  If you're looking for a professional, high end, great quality flat iron that will last, then you should look into this one or even another one of the Hana professional flat irons.  I would suggest reading the reviews for these Hana flat irons and you will see what the hype is all about.  Most of them, if not all of them, have a 5 star rating.

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<3 Krystal aka MakeupNme

DISCLAIMER:  This flat iron was sent to me for consideration.  I was not paid for this review.  In the best interest of my viewers, all opinions are honest and my own.

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