Monday, January 31, 2011

Wedding Inspired Makeup / Tutorial

Hey Beauties,
I'm always behind on my blog posts.  wahhh!  lol.  Whenever I do a tutorial on youtube, I always mean to post it here in case some of you don't keep up with the youtube sceen.  BUT as usual, I'm always a week or so late.  Ops!

Anywho.. This video was requested by Norton811, who is one of my subscribers on youtube. She asked  me to do a wedding makeup tutorial but not for an actual wedding.  She mostly wanted it because she loves how wearable wedding makeup can be.  The products used and the order of application aren't necessarily what I would use or do for wedding makeup. This is more inspired by wedding makeup, something that will enhance your natural beauty. :)

<3 Krystal aka MakeupNme

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Anonymous said...

hi girl love all of your make-up luv it...:)